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Fireside Fall Facelifts: Effortless Tips for Mantel Styling and Seasonal Decorating | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

The crisp autumn air beckons us to cozy up by the fireplace once again. As the season shifts from summer to fall, it’s time for our fireplace decor to follow suit. Out with the light, breezy accents and in with the rich textures, warm hues, and inviting materials that epitomize fall.

This year, give your fireplace mantel a fresh facelift that reflects the very essence of autumn. Whether you have a traditional brick hearth or a modern electric fireplace, your mantel provides the perfect canvas f

A Return to Togetherness: The Evolution of Entertainment-Focused Design | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

The landscape of interior design has transformed dramatically over the past few decades. While aesthetics and appearances used to reign supreme, there has been a notable shift towards designing spaces that foster connection, bring people together, and facilitate shared experiences. This resurgence of entertainment-focused design principles reflects the changing dynamics of modern lifestyles and family needs.

Interior designers today are increasingly focused on creating communal, multi-functiona

Kaiyo's Dedication to a Greener Planet | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Setting The Standard for Eco-Conscious Design and a More Sustainable Future

Settling into a new home or apartment is often accompanied by the joy of purchasing new furniture sets still in the plastic wrapping straight from the factory. Yet most consumers don’t realize the immense environmental impact of this cycle of constantly manufacturing new furniture.

Luckily, Kaiyo is out to change the wasteful nature of the furniture industry. Through their online marketplace of high-end, used furniture

The Role of PCIT for Single Parents in Child Upbringing

How Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Can Lighten the Burden and Help Create a Harmonious Family Life

Parenting is one of life's most rewarding yet challenging experiences. The joys and responsibilities of raising children require great effort and sacrifice under the best of circumstances. For single parents, the monumental task of parenting alone can feel overwhelming.

Single parents take on multiple roles and must provide everything their children need with limited resources and support. They

How to Elevate Your Space with Decorative Storage Solutions | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

A well-organized and clutter-free home is many homeowners’ dream. However, achieving this dream can be challenging, especially in a small space. The secret to chic home organization is incorporating functional yet aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that keep belongings tidy while also enhancing your home’s décor.

With a bit of creativity and the right decorative storage items, you can banish disorder, open up extra space, and transform any unsightly mess into an artful display. Keep readi

Easing Into Autumn: The Ultimate Fall Transition Guide for Your Home | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

The Ultimate Fall Transition Guide for Your Home

The cool autumn breeze rustling the changing foliage can only mean one thing — fall has arrived! It’s time to trade beach towels for cozy blankets and give your home a seasonal refresh. As summer fades, autumn brings a welcomed shift in routine, wardrobe, and décor.

The new season invites us to embrace cozy comforts and the natural fall elements around us. It’s a cue to infuse our living rooms with warmth through rich textures, earthy palettes,

The Comfortcore Revolution | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Expert Tips and Advice for Embarking on a Soothing Home Makeover

The past few years have seen the rise of a revolutionary movement in interior design: Comfortcore. This transformative design approach places soothing ambiance and coziness at the heart of home décor. After all, according to iconic interior designer Dorothy Draper, “No room can be called perfect unless it has real comfort.”

Following the pandemic’s stress and isolation, people crave the warmth and tranquility of a comfortable hou

Decluttering by Numbers Using the 12-12-12 Approach | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Expert Advice for Achieving a Neater and More Organized Home

These days, many of us feel overwhelmed by way too much stuff crowding our homes. An entire movement, minimalism, has sprung up around the idea of paring down our stuff to just those we need and cherish.

Minimal living promises tempting benefits like saving money, reducing stress, and focusing on our true priorities. However, beginning the lifelong journey of minimalist living can seem daunting. How does one adopt a simpler life and

The Ageless Allure of Heritage Design | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

How to Blend Vintage and Modern Styles Together to Create a Timeless Interior

Blending vintage and contemporary décor is all the rage in interior design today. This unique mix of eras, known as heritage design, creates living rooms and homes with timeless style and character. By incorporating vintage furniture and décor with modern trends, designers curate interiors with layers of history and fresh modern nuance.

Vintage living rooms gain visual interest from this eclectic combination of style

From Bathroom to Spathroom | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxation Haven

For many of us, the bathroom is a purely functional space we visit to take care of necessities like bathing, grooming, and other bodily functions. However, with the rising wellness movement, the bathroom presents an opportunity to create a sanctuary devoted to relaxation and self-care right at home. The recent emergence of the spathroom trend shows that people are transforming their bathrooms into spa-like havens where they can retreat, recharge

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Dream Home | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Right Layout for Your Dream Home

When designing your perfect interior, deciding between an airy, open-concept floor plan or a more segmented layout with cozy corners is essential. Open-concept homes promote free-flowing communal spaces bathed in natural light, but for those craving privacy, defined rooms with doors allow peaceful alone time. This article explores the pros and cons of both layouts and provides tips to optimize your space through strategic furnish

Benchmade Brand Spotlight | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Learn What Sets Them Apart and Shop Their Collections on Kaiyo

We’re thrilled to familiarize you with one of our favorite brands, BenchMade Modern, a premier custom furniture company committed to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Learn more about what makes them unique and save 10% more on BenchMade Modern products on Kaiyo sitewide through September 30.

BenchMade Modern is revolutionizing the furniture industry with quick turnaround times on handmade, heirloom-quality pieces designe

Preparing Your Child For Their First PCIT Session with a Child Psychologist

Expert Tips for a Positive First Visit with a Children's Psychologist

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) can provide tremendous benefits for many children and adolescents facing emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. As a parent, preparing your child for their first PCIT session is key to getting off to a positive start with their children's psychologist.

This journey begins with understanding the value of PCIT, selecting the right child therapist, explaining the process, ad

A Beginner’s Guide to Tiny House Interior Design with a Green Twist | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

The tiny home trend has grown exponentially in recent years, attracting free spirits, minimalists, and eco-warriors who embrace living with less. Typical tiny houses generally clock in at under 400 square feet, providing cocoon-like warmth through ingenious space planning and cozy, creative interiors.

Beyond physical benefits like affordability and reduced environmental impact, Tiny Living strengthens social and emotional well-being. As Henry David Thoreau wisely stated, “A man is rich in propo

Designing with Dusk: How Sunset Hues Are Elevating Modern Interiors | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

How Sunset Hues and Warm Color Palettes Are Elevating Modern Interiors

Sunsets have always inspired awe and wonder, but recently, sunset color schemes have found their way into some of the most popular interior design trends. More and more designers are harnessing the beauty of beach sunsets and dusk skies to create captivating and inviting living spaces.

The focus on natural color inspiration and bringing the brightness of the outdoors inside is leading many designers to use sunset palettes.

The Lost Art of Craftsmanship in the Age of Fast Furniture | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

The Importance of Valuing Quality and Longevity Over Mass-Produced Goods When Furnishing Your Space

The era of disposable furniture and fast fashion has led to immense waste and environmental damage. As awareness grows regarding the impacts of constantly tossing out furnishings after just a few uses, many environmentally conscious consumers are seeking sustainable, high-quality pieces for their homes.

Investing in artfully crafted furniture not only benefits the planet but also enhances the be

Living in the Glow of 2023’s Honey Trend | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Living in the Glow of 2023’s Honey Trend

The golden hour is that blissful time of day when the lowering sun sinks below the horizon, casting the world in a warm, honeyed glow. For a fleeting moment, everything is immersed in nostalgic, sun-kissed beauty. Now, this charmed ambiance is coming home to roost. The honey trend of the 2020s aims to infuse living spaces with magical lighting all day.

Honeyed hues like amber, gold, and mustard yellow are making a mark across interiors. From rich walnut

Experience the Magic of Bamboo in Your Home | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Why Bamboo is the Supermaterial of Sustainable Furniture

Bamboo has emerged as a frontrunner in the world of sustainable furniture. As the general consciousness of environmental impact grows, designers and consumers seek greener interior solutions. This fast-growing grass plays a starring role in the shift towards eco-friendly furniture.

Beyond its green credentials, bamboo also brings unparalleled aesthetics, versatility, and functionality. In exploring bamboo’s origins, environmental benefit

Accessing PCIT from the Convenience of Your Home

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an invaluable way to strengthen parent-child relationships and address behavioral challenges in children. This evidence-based therapy coach’s parents to build closer bonds with their kids while teaching techniques to improve compliance and manage disruptive behaviors.

For years, accessing PCIT meant commuting to a therapist's office regularly. Parents and children would interact in a controlled setting as the therapist supervised from an adjacent obser

Mastering The Cottagecore Aesthetic | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Own Countryside Escape

Cottagecore is an enchanting interior design aesthetic sweeping the world of home décor and DIY crafting. This distinctive style romanticizes rural countryside living and peaceful coziness.

Recently exploding in popularity online and in home magazines, Cottagecore embraces natural textures, floral motifs, antique furnishings, and handicrafts. It provides an imaginative escape from idealized notions of simpler, more purposeful li

The ‘Tomato Girl’ Summer Interior Design Guide | Kaiyo — At Home with Kaiyo — Decor Tips & Eco-Friendly Inspiration

Infuse Your Home with Tuscan Dreams and Floral Themes Using This Trend

Summer is a time of lightness and joy. It’s a season that beckons us outdoors to gardens blooming with flowers and trees laden with fruit. The Tomato Girl trend presents the perfect aesthetic inspiration for those looking to bring the essence of an Italian summer into their homes. Characterized by vivid pops of red, earthy textures, and abundant botanical motifs, this trend is a feast for the senses.

What is the Tomato Girl

How to Recognize and Support Your Child's Developmental Achievements

Watching your child grow and develop into their own unique person is one of the most rewarding aspects of parenting. From their first smile to their first steps to their first day of school, you'll experience a spectrum of milestones and achievements together.

But how can you make sure your child reaches their full potential? Parenting isn't just about meeting basic needs. It's about nurturing their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development at every stage.

The key is understanding

The Role of Play in Child Development

Watching a child fully immersed in play is a delight for any parent. Their creativity, curiosity, and joy shine as they build elaborate block structures, enact imaginative scenarios with toys, or playfully interact with other children.

While play brings enjoyment in the moment, it can also serve a deeper developmental purpose. for building cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills in children. Through play, children can explore their interests, develop dexterity, practice decision-makin

Child Therapy Resources in South Carolina

Local Support and Services for Nurturing Your Child's Emotional Well-being

A child's emotional well-being is the foundation for their overall health and development. That's why services like parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), specifically those offered in South Carolina, can be vital for nurturing children's mental health.

Evidence-based PCIT is one of the most effective forms of child therapy and can produce transformative results when facilitated by a certified PCIT therapist. Creative
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