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The Difference Between European and American-Style Interiors | Kaiyo —

The world of interior design, like many aspects of our lives, has been dramatically influenced by the different styles from Europe and America. With their distinct aesthetics, these two cultures have long influenced each other in interior design, with elements from both sides finding their way into modern homes across the globe.

European interiors have a rich design history that draws inspiration from the centuries-old architecture of countries across the continent. Rustic Tuscan villas, lux

Say Goodbye to These Interior Design Trends in 2023 | Kaiyo —

As the world of interior design continues to evolve, so too do the trends that drive it forward. Some of the top interior design trends we are leaving behind have been around for decades, while others are fads we gladly usher out of this season. As we enter 2023 and beyond, we see a shift from many traditional interior design trends and a transition towards more sustainable and unique styles.

With the advent of new digital technologies, social media has become an increasingly powerful tool f

Designing with Intention | Kaiyo —

In today's fast-paced world, urban living often comes hand in hand with overwhelming noise, relentless commotion, and constant stimulation of the senses. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, it is increasingly important to cultivate a nurturing home environment where one can retreat, recharge, and reconnect with inner peace.

One way to achieve this tranquility is through the incorporation of mindfulness into the realm of interior decorating. Designing for well-being means considering ho

Spruce Up Your Space | Kaiyo —

In recent times our homes have become the center of our lives. With the pandemic keeping many of us inside for extended periods, we have had to ensure that our space feels comfortable yet stimulating. Despite covid-19's negative economic effect, home improvement spending jumped up by 3% in 2020. People worldwide have been looking for ways to create personalized interiors to make them feel more comfortable and unique.

In 2023 remodeling your interior is more accessible than ever as design tren

Making a Statement with Upholstery | Kaiyo —

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a unique and challenging time for so many people, but it has also allowed us to explore interests and hobbies we never knew we had. As many as 71% of workers whose responsibilities could be completed remotely were forced to work from home during this time. Due to this, people began to see their home environments as an extension of themselves, and furniture restoration and upholstery quickly became popular activities for those looking to make the most of their newfo

Incorporating Japanese-Inspired Aesthetics Into Your Home | Kaiyo —

Japanese interior design is quickly gaining popularity in the United States. With its roots dating back centuries, Japanese-inspired interior design is a timeless and beautiful way to create an atmosphere that will bring peace, calm, and balance into the environment.

The rise in popularity of this interior design style is largely attributed to the increased appreciation for mindfulness practices within our culture. As people strive for health and well-being daily, they often seek ways to bring

How to Incorporate the Latest Spring Design Trends into Your Home | Kaiyo —

The first hints of spring can be felt as the days grow longer, temperatures rise, and nature begins to bloom around us. After a long and dreary winter, it's time to welcome warmer weather with a much-needed refresh of your home. From light and airy fabrics to bright floral prints, spring interiors open a world of possibilities for creating a vibrant and revitalized home.

With its freshness and sense of renewal, spring is an ideal time to revitalize your interior design with up-and-coming tren

From Copenhagen to California | Kaiyo —

Danish pastels have influenced interiors and design trends in America over the last few years, offering a unique and memorable take on home decor. This style is characterized by muted hues of pinks, blues, yellows, and greens that evoke a sense of childlike nostalgia. These calming colors provide a soft, comfortable atmosphere to stimulate peace and relaxation.

Molly Pusey, vice president of supply at Fy!, explains why these pastel colors have captured our imagination: "Soft and comforting, the

The Art of Ambience | Kaiyo —

Lighting is one of the most vital elements in interior design. With the power to direct the eye and transform any space, light absolutely cannot be ignored when designing your dream interior. To quote famed lighting designer Richard Kelly, "Good lighting is a vital part of good living." Designers and interior decorators everywhere agree that the right type of illumination is essential and can instantly elevate the ambiance of any space.

The single element of light can transform the look and fee

Recapturing the Magic of the Seventies | Kaiyo —

The vibrant color schemes and boho vibes of the 1970s are making a massive comeback in 2023, and millennials everywhere love it. Design experts predict that as the year continues, we will see more people transition away from modern minimalism to embrace the maximalist-inspired decorating style of more retro interiors.

According to a recent survey conducted by 1stDibs, 26% of interior designers admitted to noticing a revival of the 70s style in current trends. One of the most notable characteris

Illuminating Interiors with Glass | Kaiyo —

Glass has been an essential part of our lives for centuries now. Without it, our world would be unrecognizable. Its ability to catch the light and create luminosity in any size space is unparalleled, making it an excellent choice for modern interior designs. Its ability to be molded into anything imaginable, from heavy-duty tempered glass to intricately detailed sculptures, makes it one of the most widely used materials today - proving just how vital this incredible material is.

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When Style Meets History | Kaiyo —

By 2027 the secondhand furniture market is expected to reach a whopping 27.19 billion dollars. This massive boom in secondhand sales is likely due to the rapidly increasing appreciation for vintage, retro, and antique items. These unique finds offer a sentimental and unique way to personalize your home while adding a touch of history.

Not only do older items offer a stylish design aesthetic, but antique and vintage pieces offer an environmentally friendly alternative to modern furnishings that

ESG Investing & How to Get Involved— A VC Fund Managers Guide to Sustainable Investing | M Accelerator.la

Institutional investors have been increasingly interested in responsible investing or investing with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in mind. This trend has been driven by a growing awareness of the risks associated with climate change and other environmental issues and a desire to align one’s investments with personal values.

While responsible investing was once synonymous with sacrificing returns, this is no longer the case. In fact, a growing body of evidence suggests tha

The Revival of Art Deco Interiors | Kaiyo —

The early 20th century was a distressing period for America, seeing it through a world war, depression, and devastating flu pandemic. This burden of darkness and sorrow only furthered the collective longing for brighter times ahead — and in came the Roaring '20s. A time of flappers, jazz music, and a zany design movement known as art deco.

An evolution of Art Nouveau, art deco is characterized by its use of bold colors and geometric shapes on polished surfaces like glass or metals. This style p

Reimagining the Traditional Utility Room | Kaiyo —

The traditional laundry room, also known as a mudroom or utility room, is a staple of many homes, providing a space for family members to store the items needed for their daily lives. However, over the past few years, homeowners have been shifting away from the practical design of a traditional laundry room and towards more intricate, personality-driven designs that can genuinely make these rooms stand out. These new laundry rooms often feature colorful touches, custom furniture pieces, and uniq

The Benefits of Micro Luxury in Interior Design | Kaiyo —

The concept of 'Micro Luxury' is the perfect interior design trend for those looking to bring an air of indulgence into their home more reasonably. By taking a space-focused approach, such as a powder room, galley kitchen, or nursery, designers can create luxurious spaces without breaking the bank. These smaller spaces require less budget and time investment and provide an opportunity to use higher quality materials and finishes that can be used sparingly yet still elevate the overall look and f

The Rise of Neotenic Interior Design | Kaiyo —

Neotenic design is an innovative approach to creating interiors that appeal to the senses and emotions through a combination of curved furniture and furnishings, providing youthful characteristics, design elements, and the creative use of colors. By capitalizing on the positive aspects of childhood, such as curiosity and playfulness, neoteny draws upon the feel and aesthetic value of the up-and-coming curved furniture trend while simultaneously offering a space that can grow with its inhabitants
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